Texas State Capitol

The seat of the state government is housed in the impressive Texas State Capitol, which is located in Austin, Texas. One of the most significant landmarks in the state, it is a grand building with a long history and significant significance.

The Texas State Capitol building was built starting in 1882 and was finished in 1888. It was created by architect Elijah E. Myers, who was also in charge of creating the state capitols of Colorado and Michigan.

Built with regional pink granite, the structure’s architecture is a fusion of the Italian Renaissance Revival and Gothic Revival styles. The main dome of the Capitol is 302 feet tall, surpassing the height of the U.S. Capitol in Washington, D.C.

The Rotunda, the House of Representatives Chamber, the Senate Chamber, and the Governor’s Reception Room can all be seen on a self-guided tour of the Texas State Capitol.

The Rotunda is one of the Texas State Capitol’s most striking features. The area in the middle of the structure is decorated with a lovely dome that is painted with a mural that tells the story of Texas. Four bronze statues, each of which represents a different era in Texas history, can also be found in the Rotunda.

The lower house of the state legislature meets in the House of Representatives chamber. It is situated on the second floor of the structure and has a gallery from which guests may observe the proceedings. Sam Houston, who served as the first president of the Republic of Texas as well as a U.S. senator and governor, is also depicted in the House Chamber.

The state’s upper legislative body convenes in the Senate Chamber, which is on the third floor of the structure. It has a gallery where guests can watch the proceedings, similar to the House Chamber. The “Father of Texas,” Stephen F. Austin, is also honored with a portrait in the Senate Chamber.

On the second floor of the structure, the Governor’s Reception Room serves as a venue for official state events. It is adorned with portraits of every governor of the state, including George W. Bush, who presided over Texas as governor before becoming president of the United States.

The Texas State Capitol is home to a number of monuments and memorials in addition to its stunning architecture and historical significance. One of the most notable is the Texas African American History Memorial, which was dedicated in 2016 and honors the contributions of African Americans to the state.

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Overall, the Texas State Capitol is a stunning structure that is highly recommended for a visit. This well-known Texas landmark has something of interest for everyone, regardless of their interests in politics, history, or architecture. In order to fully appreciate the Texas State Capitol and all it has to offer, take some time to visit it if you ever find yourself in Austin.

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